Building a high-performing lead pipeline. Generating customer loyalty and engagement. Maximizing outbound sales revenue.

Outbound Sales Solutions

It’s not enough to build a strong pipeline or optimize your contact and conversion rates or maximize average order value. For a successful outbound sales program, you need to do all those things well. But even then, it’s not enough. For long-term success, it’s also critical to build customer loyalty and engagement.

Are you taking a holistic approach to outbound sales? Are you building long-term relationships with your customers? Are you confidently maximizing your bottom line with top talent? If not, NexRep can help.

NexRep’s network of independent sales contractors has a strong track record of delivering unrivaled outbound sales results across the metrics that matter most: quality lead generation, connection rate, contact rate, conversion rate, continuity rate, average order value, customer satisfaction, and ROI.

How do we do it?

Seamless Integration

We can fully integrate with your business and fulfillment center, and our network of experienced sales professionals will serve as a seamless extension of your brand.

Reduced Overhead

We offer you significant cost savings by reducing or eliminating any overhead associated with facilities, equipment, operations, and agent idle time.

A Bigger Talent Pool

We leverage a massive pool of independent contractors spanning across 32 states to find the best and brightest outbound sales professionals for your business.

Better Preparation

Prior to placing a single call, outbound sales professionals within our network participate in rigorous, interactive certification on your brand and specifications.

Always-on Service

Our network of sales professionals is ready to place outbound calls any time within TCPA regulations, enabling optimal lead penetration.

Intelligent Planning

Through a blend of historical performance data, current lead status, and media forecasts, we build intelligent staffing plans that drive results.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our broad network of agents can flex and scale to ensure you have the right number of sales professionals at the right times, even as your business demands change.

Optimized Lead Penetration

Our intelligent planning and our agent network’s flexibility combine to enable optimized lead penetration and performance.

Maximized Opportunities

Our network of agents maximize the revenue from every customer interaction by upselling and cross-selling accessories and related products.

A Human-Focused Approach

We are focused on creating strong human connections that lead to a network of happy agents producing great customer experiences and building long-lasting relationships.

A CX Mindset

Our network of agents are committed to creating exceptional customer experiences across every interaction, knowing that customer experience drives loyalty and engagement.

Data-Driven Decisions

We leverage data to uncover every opportunity to boost performance and to make data-driven decisions that benefit your brand and your bottom line.


Ready to see how NexRep's network of agents can help you maximize outbound sales revenue?

Outbound Sales Solutions

B2C Product and Service Sales

B2B Product and Service Sales

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Lead Generation

Special Promotions

Follow-up Contacts

Proactive Account Management Services

Proactive Anti-Churn and Customer Retention

Shopping Cart Abandons

Survey Outbound

Political Outbound

Additional Features of Our Outbound Sales Solutions
  • TCPA Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • Do Not Call list management
  • Access to thousands of agents
  • Power dialing capabilities
  • Predictive dialing capabilities
  • Dynamic scripting
  • Direct integrations with fulfillment companies

Ready to see how NexRep's network of agents can help maximize outbound sales revenue?