We’re human-focused

NexRep was founded in 2009 with a mission to positively transform the lives of people working within the contact center industry.

If we can succeed in improving quality of life, we believe we’ll see a happier network of agents. We believe a happier workforce will be more engaged in customer interactions, leading to happier customers. And when customers are satisfied, clients are too.

It all really comes down to one simple idea: everybody wins when we put people first.

The engine that powers our mission is the NexRep Marketplace

The best way to understand the NexRep Marketplace is to think of it as a virtual space provided by NexRep, where contractors and clients come together to create exceptional customer experiences.


Customer service and sales professionals join the Marketplace as contractors and set up shop, ready to offer their professional services.

Marketplace Agents


Top American companies and fast-growing brands engage with the Marketplace, seeking the best and brightest contractors to handle their customer interactions.

Marketplace Clients

The Marketplace

NexRep helps facilitate the relationship between contractors and clients. We provide the cloud for the Marketplace. We help set expectations in terms of what clients need from contractors and what contractors need from clients. And we provide resources to everyone to help ensure mutual success.

NexRep Marketplace

What it means to be a Marketplace Contractor

When you join the NexRep Marketplace, you do so as in Independent Contractor, and not as an employee. You’ll sign an Independent Contractor Agreement with NexRep to service on behalf of our clients.

How being a Marketplace Contractor improves quality of life

As an Independent Contractor within the NexRep Marketplace, you’ll enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. When you provide services, you’re doing so for yourself, not for somebody else. You’ll be able to set your own hours to best balance work and life.

As a Marketplace Contractor you’ll also have the freedom to work from home. You get to quit the commute and give that time back to yourself and your family. You’ll save money on gas, clothes, and food – money you can use to take a vacation or save for retirement.

You’ll also enjoy the health and safety benefits that come from working from home.

Telemedicine Customer Service

Ready to improve your quality of life?