NexRep Perks Independent contracting has its perks

Enjoy exclusive discounts and savings

NexRep Perks is a program that recognizes the service provided by independent contractors to NexRep’s clients and their customers via the NexRep Marketplace.

How it Works

Earn Points by Providing Great Service

Superior service merits superior rewards! All Marketplace Contractors earn points for successfully completing certification and supported production. After that, Marketplace Contractors will have opportunities to earn additional points on a weekly basis by contributing to an exceptional customer experience!

Get Access to Money-Saving Perks

When Marketplace Contractors unlock access to a new tier of perks by earning the qualifying number of points, they will automatically receive details about the new perks that are available and how to access these partner savings offers.

NexRep Perks Program Tiers

Learn more about the perks available in each tier and how many points it takes to qualify.

Hear what Marketplace Contractors have to say about their quality of life!

Frequently Asked Questions

NexRep Marketplace Contractors earn points for doing things that contribute to an exceptional customer experience. This includes successfully completing certification and supported production, adhering to their self-selected schedule, and hitting other client-specific targets depending on the client they are providing services for.

Marketplace Contractors are able to track their points via a dashboard available to them in NexRep’s Marketplace Platform software.

When Marketplace Contractors accumulate enough points to qualify for a new tier of perks, they’ll automatically receive an email with details about the new perks that are available and how to access those partner savings offers.

Perks are made available via our partners and are not administered by NexRep, so if you continue to pay premiums, you can keep your perks even if you stop servicing for NexRep.

NexRep is connecting independent contractors to exclusive discounts and savings opportunities and is not providing employee benefits nor establishing an employee benefit program. Each independent contractor makes their own decision whether to engage with a Perks Partner. NexRep receives no compensation in any form from the Perks Program.

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