This is our team

A lot of smiling, happy people who embrace our human-focused mission and who thrive on caring, innovating, solving, thinking big, teaming up and playing hard.


Teddy Liaw

Teddy Liaw, CEO

Teddy has ~20 years of technology and contact center expertise. Prior to NexRep, he managed the agent business unit at LiveOps, and previously held roles at Levi Strauss and Company, Canon Computer Systems, and TEK-Pacific. He graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Business Administration and Ethnic Studies. Teddy is an avid golfer and travels the globe in search of the perfect green.

Kevin Welch

Kevin Welch, VP of Engineering & IT

Kevin is our VP of Engineering & IT and has over 30 years in software engineering experience. Over the arc of his career, Kevin has been a change agent and problem-solver consistently offering unique and creative solutions to the engineering challenges businesses face in today’s high-paced, networked world. Kevin has led teams through innovation with a masterful and clear-eyed approach, consistently leading the charge in business growth and expansion as a strategist and executive leader.

Stephanie Anthony

Stephanie Anthony, VP of Operations

Joining NexRep in 2017, Stephanie is our VP of Operations. With nearly 20 years of contact center experience, Stephanie has held many roles over the years, starting as an agent and moving up through various support and operations roles. Stephanie’s comprehensive journey through the contact center has given her a true understanding of what success looks like at every level. She now oversees the agent operations team at NexRep, with a focus on driving performance and quality across all programs. Stephanie resides just outside of Dallas, Texas and enjoys the outdoors.

Sabrina Wichser

Sabrina Wichser, VP of Client Services

Sabrina joined NexRep in 2014. As our VP of Client Services, she brings over 20 years of Contact Center client management experience, including 8 years with LiveOps and 3 years with West Corporation. Sabrina leads the Client Services team to focus on client engagement and agent performance. Sabrina lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband, two children and two dogs.

Nicolas Gutierrez

Nicolas Gutierrez, VP of Client Development

With customer engagement always top of mind, Nicolas leads our initiatives to foster strategic partnerships and nurture healthy growth. To springboard and sustain success at all touchpoints, he applies a holistic approach, drawing from more than 25 years’ experience in brand creation, marketing, business development, and customer experience advocacy. Nicolas landed firmly in the contact center landscape in 2009, captivated by the opportunities to optimize client partnerships and performance across multiple industries, including retail, healthcare, and consumer services. Nicolas brought his expertise, customer focus, energy, and enthusiasm to NexRep after serving as LiveOps’ Vice President of Business Development & Client Services. Born in Switzerland and growing up in California, Nicolas has made an art out of making home across the U.S. and abroad. He and his family now live in Minneapolis, MN, where he says the winters are reminiscent of his childhood — just without the mountains.

Amy Carlisle

Amy Carlisle, VP of Human Resources

Amy is our VP of Human Resources and started her career as a management side labor and employment attorney. She segued her career from practicing law to corporate human resources management where she enjoys the ability to proactively problem solve and actively engage employees in the workplace. She volunteers extensively in alternative education environments, including serving as the founding board chair of a Maine charter school. She lives in Maine with her husband, two daughters and three dogs where she enjoys Maine’s seasonal outdoor activities, particularly skiing and hiking with the dogs.

Matt Wichser

Matt Wichser, Controller

Matt is our Controller and has over 15 years of experience in finance for the call center industry starting as an analyst and moving up through the ranks in his career while providing superior insight and strategic thinking to some of the top agencies in the country. He has been instrumental in overseeing the growth of our company during his tenure here at NexRep and is a valuable member of our leadership team. Matt hails from Salt Lake City, Utah where he lives with his family and enjoys golfing, running, and spending time with his wife and 2 young children.

Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter, VP of Strategy & Analytics

Ian is our VP of Strategy & Analytics and has nearly 20 years of experience leveraging data to help deliver exceptional customer experiences. Since joining NexRep in 2015, Ian has redefined the company’s approach to forecasting and workforce planning, and he’s built a team focused on customer experience, performance, and predictive analytics. Prior to NexRep, Ian served as a consultant to some of the largest global brands in finance, technology, telecommunications, retail, and healthcare. Aside from his data projects, Ian most enjoys running, hiking, golfing, and exploring the outdoors with his wife and two kids.


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