Going virtual allows you to have a customized contact center

NexRep’s virtual, on-demand, U.S.-based agents allow you to scale your business with flexibility and efficiency.

Going virtual allows you to have a customized contact center

NexRep’s virtual, on-demand, U.S.-based agents allow you to scale your business with flexibility and efficiency.

NexRep: providing virtual contact center solutions for customer service and sales 

Customer service

At-home agents work from locations distributed across the U.S., enabling NexRep to
assemble and deploy customer care teams dedicated to individual clients. Our agents are able to operate in multi-browser, multi-system environments and provide superior Tier 1 and 2 support.

Inbound sales

NexRep handles inbound calls driven by media coming through a variety of sources including television, radio, direct mail, and web advertising. We also provide inbound virtual receptionist services, with expert learning crafted for the individual brands of our clients.

Outbound sales

NexRep handles every type of sales call with high performance results. We recruit agents who exhibit a high level of sales experience and expertise and then certify that each agent meets the unique requirements of our individual clients.

Our channels

Channels we provide

NexRep is the highest quality, onshore, at-home contact center based in the U.S. We have innovated the home agent contact center model by focusing on agent operations and sourcing that delivers professional level agents who match customer profiles. The result has been a fast-growing company that attracts the best talent from 42 states and outperforms our competition. We provide:

In every industry

We are poised to service any industry on the market. Here are examples of some of the industries in which we have provided virtual contact center services:

NexRep makes a difference


Because we source our agents from 42 states around the country, we are able to be a contact center for you regardless of natural disasters. As an example, if Florida is experiencing a hurricane, we have agents in 41 other states to provide service to your customers.


We have the ability to recruit the best and the brightest because we are not confined to square mileage around a brick-and-mortar center.

Brick-and-Mortar Model:

NexRep Model:

Truly dedicated

We specifically recruit agents for your program with targeted interview questions related to your brand and your products and services. Next, we customize a certification process tailored to your product and brand. Then, a dedicated set of agents are scheduled to service only your customers; our agents are not shared across clients. This is a practice and philosophy which sets us apart from our competition.


  • We can deploy agents from  non-impacted regions
  • We can scale quickly during emergency situations
  • We protect your service levels by reducing your abandonment rate


  • We have thousands of agents on a waitlist and are able to pick the best agents from anywhere
  • This results in truly the best performance
  • Better recruitment process
  • Better quality agents
  • Better performance and loyalty


  • Lower attrition

  • Higher retention

  • Better performance

  • Better loyalty

What this means for our clients

Because we are not constrained by geography when we staff our team of agents, we can staff based purely on agent quality regardless of their location. Our agents have a passion for what they do and bring a unique energy to their work. What this means for our clients is the highest level of care with contacts, resulting in increased brand loyalty, quality and of course, increased profits.

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