Human-Focused Customer Care Enhanced with Technology

Customer Care Solutions

Customer care can make or break your brand. Every customer interaction creates an opportunity to transform potentially negative experiences into positive outcomes. If you can succeed in doing that, and do it consistently, each customer interaction becomes an opportunity to build brand advocacy. That’s why it’s so important to get it right.


of customers have higher expectations for customer service now than they did a year ago


of customers feel the process of engaging with customer service organizations is not getting easier


of customers rank speed, convenience, knowledgeable help and friendly service as core service requirements


of customers want more human interaction throughout their customer service experiences

At NexRep, we understand the implications of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

More importantly, we know how to get it right.

The best solutions are built at the intersection of humanity and technology. 

We start with a human focus We’ve fostered a culture of happiness, dedication, and empowerment. Owing to that approach, we’ve successfully built a network of agents that is certified, highly skilled, dedicated, flexible, and 100% US-based. Happy and empowered agents tend to stick around longer and are more likely to take pride in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

We then leverage technology Technology enhances our capabilities, further empowers our network of agents, adds efficiencies to our processes, and cuts our clients’ customer care costs. Technology also helps us quickly source the best talent, ensure our Marketplace Contractors are well-prepared, deliver the right agents at the right times, and gather and distribute critical insights.


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Customer Care Solutions

Your customers won’t put limits on the issues they want help with. That’s why we’ve developed expertise across a broad range of support needs. No matter what your customers need, we’ve got you covered with solutions that have consistently cut our clients’ costs by up to 30-40%.

Tier 1 & tier 2 customer care

Customer escalation support

White glove customer care

Appointment setting

Back office support

Personal concierge services

Business concierge services

Consumer product services

Transactional services

Help desk services

Travel booking support

Delivery support

Sales support

Roadside support

Dispatch services

Virtual receptionist and answering services

Single Channel | Multichannel | Omnichannel

Creating exceptional experiences anytime, anywhere

Customers now expect to receive service across multiple channels and on any device. In fact, 63% of customers have used three or more channels to contact customer service.

That’s why NexRep has designed its customer care solutions to ensure your customers have a smooth, effortless experience as they navigate across channels and interactions. Regardless of channel, our network of independent contractor agents always tries to strike the right balance between efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

39% of customers prefer using voice for customer service. Our network of agents are prepared to offer fast, friendly voice support, with an empathetic ear and a focus on positive problem resolution, all while adhering to your policy and procedure guidelines.

20% of customers prefer using email for customer service It’s no accident that our Marketplace Contractor sourcing process includes an assessment of written communication. Our network of agents take care to understand each customer’s email message and provide a thoughtful, well-researched response with the right tone, messaging, and information.

16% of customers prefer using live chat for customer service To ensure our Marketplace Contractors deliver the best chat experiences, we’ve built a customer care agent network full of friendly, patient, well-written, multitasking problem solvers who know how to reflect your brand’s tone.

5% of customers prefer using social media for customer service The public nature of social media requires a special skillset. Our network of agents understands and knows how to navigate the unique challenges that come from interacting with your customers while others watch and sometimes weigh in.

3% of customers prefer using text messaging for customer service Like with live chat, our network of agents are poised for texting success. They’re empathetic, they have good writing and problem solving skills, and they’re masters of multitasking.


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