Operational disruptions can spell disaster for your brand and bottom line.

We’re set up to keep you virtually unstoppable.

Weather and climate disasters per year in the U.S.

Power outages per year in the U.S.

Average hours of downtime per power outage

In a world of uncertainty, NexRep reduces risks to your business

Let’s face it: It’s rough out there. Extreme weather events, public health emergencies, infrastructure challenges, labor shortages – the list of possible threats to your ability to perform essential business functions seems to grow every day. Consider NexRep to be your safe haven.

Our flexible, virtual business model makes your business less vulnerable to disruptions of any kind and allows you to maintain the highest customer care standards. That means no matter what challenge you face, you’re able to continue to strengthen brand loyalty and keep your revenue stream healthy.

Business continuity is built right in to NexRep

Because we’re free of geographic constraints that place limits on brick and mortar contact centers, we can respond to any circumstance with unmatched agility and reliability for swift resolution. Our distributed network of remote independent contractor agents, paired with our proven operational proficiencies, make NexRep a must-have in any business continuity plan.

When a blizzard halts the north or a hurricane hits the south, our work-from-home agents have you covered. When your sales unexpectedly skyrocket, we’ll scale our agent network in lockstep with your business needs. When the labor market tightens, we’re limitless in our ability to reach top talent anywhere in the US.

At any time, NexRep is at the ready to back up your business continuity goals and keep you up and running for your best success. This includes:

Disaster Recovery

Our nationwide network of remote agents can be rapidly trained and placed to take care of your customers.

Marketing Strategy Readiness

When your revenue growth strategy includes special events, promotions, and new product launches, we’ll swiftly mobilize our agent network and equip them with the tools they need, so you can be confident your customers will always experience exceptional service.

Surge Planning

Our flexible business model allows us to scale staffing to handle significant volume increases not within weeks, but within days or even hours.

Customer Care Recovery

If you fall out of service level, we’ll mobilize our best customer service agents to quickly bring you back up to goal.

Sales Recovery

If incoming calls are frequently abandoned, or leads are lagging in outbound follow up, we’ll supplement your team with our network of proven sales agents to help prevent further lost opportunity and move the sales arrow up.

Talent Acquisition

Our remote work model allows us to draw top talent from anywhere in the US, dramatically reducing the impact of even the tightest labor market.


Find out how NexRep can keep your business running without a hitch. Talk to us.