NexRep offers a variety of business opportunities for you to choose from. Learn more about the different call types and choose the opportunity that best fits your skills, experience and business objectives. When you complete the application, you will have a chance to indicate the opportunity you prefer. Please note that some opportunities may not be certifying new agents at the time of your application and we are unable to accept agents from NY, CA, RI, WA, AR, OR, IN and IL.



Outbound Sales

Does this describe you:

  • Friends comment with some regularity on how competitive you are
  • You enjoy taking risks and reaping the rewards
  • If you hear that your neighbor just bought a cool new gadget, you immediately want to go out and bring home a gadget that’s even cooler

If this says you all over, you might be the perfect fit for our Outbound Sales positions.

Here’s the way it works: you’ll be able to work from home with customers who have expressed an interest in products advertised by infomercial. These customers have called about purchasing a product but ultimately were unable to make a buying decision. We provide a service to them by re-connecting with them over the phone and providing them with a better offer on the product. You’ll then also have the opportunity to earn more money by selling additional items after completing the transaction for which the caller had originally called.

With this agent position you’ll have tremendous earning potential with an average of $15 per hour and a high of more than $25 per hour. All it takes is figuring out the formula to make that higher dollar amount and pushing yourself to nail it.



  • Influence customers to buy a product or service by making outgoing calls to interested buyers and following a prepared script to give product information and special promotions available.
  • Maximize each sale by offering upsells and complementary cross-sell products.
  • Maintains quality service by following NexRep service levels.


  • Persuasion
  • Persistence
  • Closing Skills
  • Ability to sell Upsells, Cross sells, and Third Party Offers
  • Desire to make High Commissions
  • Product Knowledge
  • Telephone Skills
  • High Energy Level


  • This call type is open 7 days/week from 9am-11pm EST
  • NexRep request 15 hour minimum for weekly services
  • Pay is commission plus an hourly base for your available time. There is additional commission for upselling and third party offers.

Outbound Sales

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