NexRep’s custom tools for the virtual contact center

We provide custom tools to fulfill all of your virtual contact center needs


SOCRATES is an enabling technology which allows us to seamlessly produce business facing applications without going into software development queue. Our business processes are defined and with SOCRATES we build applications to support those processes.


PRODIGY enables aggregation of data from disparate systems into a single interface. From there, we’re able to synthesize the data and surface valuable insights that drive policy, process, and performance improvements. Through a combination of actionable insights and rich visualizations, our operational team is empowered to optimize your customers’ experiences and propel your business forward.


TELESCOPE gives our workforce management team the power to forecast and plan in an omnichannel environment, while maximizing forecast accuracy, optimizing staffing levels, minimizing cost, and giving your customers the timely experience they expect. What really sets TELESCOPE apart from other solutions is the way it simulates through different configurations and scenarios and adapts to your specific business needs. Your staffing plan will be fully customized, not derived from generic modeling.


TEMPUS, our agent scheduling solution, contributes to a level of staffing flexibility that most contact centers cannot reach. Through a blend of defined staffing plans and a self-scheduling interface, TEMPUS allows us to align staff to the variability of your customer contacts, while also affording agents greater control and flexibility in how they schedule their time. The result is happier and higher performing agents, customized staffing levels, and cost-savings for your business.


SAVANT is NexRep’s proprietary learning platform that supplies client-specific content, assessments, and certifications to ensure our dedicated agents are prepared to perform as a true extension of our clients’ teams.

The SAVANT Platform incorporates the latest in professional learning methodologies that help drive engagement, participation, comprehension of materials and superior agent performance when working with customers.

SAVANT not only delivers primary learning but ongoing learning in support of changes in our clients’ business, processes and policies.