Talent Acquisition for the BPO contact center

Talent acquisition solutions

We attract elite talent and expand your pool of highly qualified agents by engaging with their values — flexibility and transparency. A larger selection with better terms means you get better agents to represent your brand in the most credible manner.

Finding the best

Our proprietary talent acquisition system allows us to source the best agents from across the United States, allowing you more choice. Aside from our vetted pool of current agents, we also consistently source new agents through our dedicated website.


Put them through the paces

We receive thousands of new agent applications every week. These applicants move through a strict vetting process to identify and document their skill sets and match them with available openings. Agents are certified before their transition to a skills team with open access to facilitators for all questions.


Select from the finest

No matter the skill set or disposition you need for your project or company, you can find it with us. Because we have an expansive selection of agents with no geographic boundaries, we bring you the specialized skills that you need regardless of your location.

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Reduce costs while
maintaining flexibility
with results-oriented,
high-performance agents.


We ensure agents meet the requirements needed to excel with your brand. 


We provide results-oriented, technically proficient management.


Your machines will run steadily and securely at all times.