Certification and learning for outsourced customer contact centers

We can help verify contact center agents who are singularly focused on servicing your brand

A commitment to learning is essential to continuously improving customer service, and our agents are self-starters who constantly rise to the challenge of our rigorous certification courses and more. 


Agent onboarding 

Our onboarding process is a customized look at the learning process. It also connects agents with resource management professionals who provide ongoing background support every step of the way. These professionals ensure our agents have expertise in the subject matter as well as personal motivation and high-level administrative assistance. 

The certification process 

We work alongside your staff and existing content to identify the requirements agents will need to provide outstanding service while representing your brand. Through our proprietary certification process, our agents can access performance-based content regardless of time or location. Agents quickly pick up the skill set customized to the relevant industry. Throughout, facilitators are online for full administrative and operational support. 


Our nesting plan is personalized to your brand, with support in full swing from the first contact. We have facilitators ready with actionable insights starting on day one. Nesting with NexRep provides the perfect path to success for our agents towards servicing your customers.

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Reduce costs while
maintaining flexibility
with results-oriented,
high-performance agents.


Find the workforce that fits your technical and cultural needs.


We provide results-oriented, technically proficient management.


Your machines will run steadily and securely at all times.