NexRep agents are 100% US based and from all over the country.

A constraint in the call center model is that call centers recruit from a fixed radius. Based on where those centers are typically situated, this can result in hiring from a pool of candidates statistically less educated and more transient. The quality of customer care suffers within these restrictions. Because NexRep can contract from all across the country, we have access to a wider pool of applicants. We are then able to partner with the most skilled agents across the country, offering them flexible hours and the ability to work in their own homes.


Our agents are more efficient and happier.

We eliminate the inefficiencies of a typical call center where agents work in long, fixed blocks of time. Since agents are their own contractor from home, they can schedule themselves to be available when they would like to be. They have the freedom to choose when they perform best and when makes the most sense for them. Agents are on calls for reasonable periods of time, and are therefore not susceptible to the decline in performance typical in a long-shift environment. The result is a happier agent, more focused and ready to execute.

We contract with the best, most experienced agents

Our clients are developing more complex products and as a result customers need agents who can articulate complicated and sophisticated responses. NexRep partners with agents who have the skillset to be responsive and then we certify them to be experts on a single or small set of products. As a result, our agents perform better and our clients are happier.

What does a typical NexRep Agent look like?

NexRep agents come to us with extensive telesales and customer service skills and are seeking an alternative to conventional call center work environments. They are higher educated, more committed, and happier with their work situation than the standard call center agent. We are unique in the world of virtual call centers because we take the time to personally speak to every one of our agents during the assessment process. We do this because we feel it’s an important step in determining if they are of the caliber that we promise to deliver to our clients. We then monitor, mentor, and interact with our agents daily to maximize their performance. This kind of individual support and attention is essential to our agents’ success. It gives them support and the tools they need to excel at their jobs.

NexRep agents stick around

Turnover is the biggest problem traditional call centers face. Even with the most advanced training systems in place, call centers struggle to retain agents for extended periods of time. NexRep agents tend to stay with our community for a large duration of their careers. There’s something magical about our formula: we partner with top talent, give them freedom to work when they want, where they want and for as long they want, and go figure, they’re happy people who love their work. There’s also something to be said about our investment in our agents from the outset. They know we care about them right from the start of our relationship with them which garners their loyalty and trust. Having happy agents who stick around is key to our consistent and sustainable performance and how we deliver these results to our clients.