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NEXREP’s Virtual Agent Workforce Contributes to Massive Cancer Telethon; Raised $109 MM in Donations for Research in a Night

On Friday, September 5, 2014, a large telethon was broadcast into millions of homes, simultaneously aired on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Ameican Forces Network, Bravo, Cooking Channel, Discovery, E!, Encore, ESPN News, Fox Sports 2, FXM, HBO, ION, Oxygen, Showtime, Starz, TNT, VH1 and several other stations.

While millions of viewers were in their homes fixated on the hour long tribute to cancer victims, NexRep was able to provide hundreds of their US-based “virtual” call center agents, to answer the tens of thousands of phone calls, collect donations, and do their part in making the show a success. NexRep is a leading provider of call center services, with a unique twist. Rather than a traditional model of agents working brick and mortar facilities, 100% of their agents work from home.

NexRep CEO Teddy Liaw stated, “This mass telethon was a perfect example of how our at-home model works. Asking agents to work for 3-4 hours at 8pm on a Friday night can be challenging for a facility call center. But for our agents, they were able to eat dinner with their family, log into our systems, turn on the tv show in the background, and handle donation calls in their PJs. No commuting. They enjoyed the night, put in solid hours, and were with their families as their adrenalin returned to normal before calling it a night.”

Co-produced by Gwyneth Paltrow, the 1-hour show highlighted the A-list of Hollywood celebrities, including Halle Berry, Jon Hamm, Ben Stiller, Pierce Brosnan and several others. Jennifer Hudson, Dave Matthews, and Ariana Grande were among the performers, pleading to America to donate what they could to help raise money for cancer research.

About NexRep

NexRep is a high performance, US-based call center, handling sales and customer service calls for numerous industries including consumer electronics, financial, and direct retail. With hundreds of at-home agents, NexRep is a leading innovator of workforce solutions.

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NexRep Receives 2014 Best of Portland Award

NexRep is a bilateral company divided into agent side and client side operations. The agents are specially certified in Inbound, Outbound, or Multi-channel services, which allows them to strategically address each different call. Traditionally, U.S. based call centers are located in low-income areas where land is cheap, workers are transient, and are not invested in their work. At-home agents obliterate these problems that directly correlate with low call center quality. NexRep agents are 100% U.S. based, native speaking representatives. In addition, agents are higher educated than the standard call center agent who either works in a call center or off-shore. This is because NexRep agents are virtual and geographically limitless.

A large portion of agents are typically stay-at-home mothers with previous careers who want to earn extra income, but also want to be with their children. Because of this, NexRep is able to capture quality customer care and service clients who are invested in making their product about customer experience.

Clients that partner with NexRep are focused on providing customer care that is unparalleled in the industry. These clients are high-brow providers that expect the quality of their product and the quality of their service to be synonymous. Further, NexRep provides dedicated and semi-dedicated agents for the wide range of clientele that the company caters to. With the various services NexRep offers, it is easy for clients to utilize one type of service and branch out to others should they find a need.