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State-of-the-art Technology

  • Real-time authorization
  • Gift card bin check
  • Integration with industry leading fulfillment centers
  • Multi-system or external CRM capabilities
  • Maximum revenue with optimal staffing

ico5NexRep handles inbound calls driven by media coming through a variety of sources including television, radio, direct mail, and web advertising. In this era, where media is ubiquitous and always on, traditional call centers face a challenge scheduling agents. With NexRep’s model of at-home agents all over the United States, it is easy for us to provide service at all times and partner with our choice of agents. This means we can be selective and contract only with agents who have a natural ability to sell and who can provide exceptional customer care. Because of this unique model, coupled with our certification process, NexRep consistently brings in up to 20% more revenue than a standard call center.
We also provide inbound virtual receptionist services, with expert learning crafted to the individual brands of our distinct clients. In addition, our dedicated 100% US based agents embody the image each client aims to project, which makes the customer more informed, more likely to remember the brand and to make a purchase during the call and in the future.

With dedicated and semi-
dedicated agents

With dedicated and semi-dedicated agents, NexRep is able to ensure that only the best-equipped agents answer our clients’ calls. We place the utmost importance on being an extension of the client’s brand and we understand the importance of representing that brand to our clients’ customers. Since each of our agents focus on knowing only a few products, they end up knowing them intimately. As a result, they are able to close sales authentically.


NexRep also finds and partners with agents who are personally familiar with our client’s brand before we even contract with them. Understanding a client’s target audience is paramount when the aim is to build rapport with potential customers. This helps build credibility and drive upsell order value. NexRep’s authentic approach to sales ensures that our clients have clean back-end performance, lower cancellations, returns, and declines.