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Customer Support – Priceline

You’ll be answering incoming calls for users of the country’s largest travel website. Following a highly detailed process, agents will assist travelers with changes to their lodging and transportation itineraries.
Customers expect energetic and detail-oriented professionals who can think on their feet to get issues resolved. You’ll be multi-tasking between several applications to research customer solutions and speaking with customers, hotel personnel and rental agencies in a fast-paced environment. The work is challenging, but you will benefit from comprehensive certification and a support team with real people who are there to guide you through the onboarding and certification processes.


  • Must have two monitors
  • Must have Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Can complete basic internet search and navigate to sites
  • Excellent with OS or Windows operating systems
  • Typing skills – wpm 35 – 40 minimum
Work Experience
  • Experience in customer service required (face-to-face or phone/chat)
  • Call Center background a plus
  • Travel industry or hospitality work experience a major plus
  • Consulting or sales background a plus
Experience with Travel
  • Used an OTA (Online Travel Agency) to research or book travel in the last year
  • Travels at least once a year


  • This call type is open 7 days/week from 1pm-1am EST
  • NexRep requests 25 hour minimum for weekly services
  • This opportunity allows you to invoice for your services starting at $10 per hour

Customer Support – Priceline

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