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Customer Care – Online Automotive Concierge

With our client, a leading online direct car retailer, buying a vehicle is literally just a few clicks away. In between those clicks customers have questions. NexRep agents reach out to prospective car buyers to support their purchase. These customers have already expressed an interest in buying an automobile. We are returning phone calls and following up on leads. 10% of the time we will take inbound calls from buyers to help maintain off-peak service levels.

Our role is not to sell the car – but to sell the service behind it. Agents are not expected to be experts in cars, we are expected to reassure customers about the condition of the vehicle, warranty and delivery details. We can also take deposits so the customer can secure their ride while they speak with us.


  • Influence customers by making (primarily) outgoing calls to interested buyers.
  • Provide information and reassurance regarding purchase procedures and policies.
  • Maximize each opportunity by securing deposits for vehicles when appropriate.
  • Maintain quality service by following NexRep service levels and standards.


  • Customer focus
  • Systems and website navigation
  • Knowledge of car buying/selling experience
  • Persuasion


  • This call type is open 7 days/week from 9am-9pm EST
  • NexRep requests 25 hour minimum for weekly services
  • This opportunity allows you to invoice for your services starting at $10 per hour

Customer Care – Online Automotive Concierge

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