About us

The NexRep Way

Our model is unique: in both sourcing our agents and in agent operations, we use advanced techniques to allow us the distinct ability to target applicants to match our customer’s needs. These sourcing and operations systems allow us to partner with a class of 100% US based agents that is unparalleled. Because of our specialized sourcing, we partner with agents who have more expertise, loyalty, and knowledge than their peers across the industry. Our agents have more flexibility and self-determination because they work at their own pace, on their own schedule and are not overworked. They do not feel the kind of stress agents feel in a traditional call center environment. As a result our agents are happier and our customers reap the benefits of that formula.

What does this mean for our clients?

Because we are not constrained by geography when we staff our team of agents, we can staff based purely on their intelligence, relatability and on an ability to empathize with customers. Our agents have a passion for what they do and bring a unique energy to their work. What this means for our clients is that they can be afforded the highest level of care for their customers, resulting in increased brand loyalty, quality and, of course, increased profits.

Our mission

Through quality, performance and service, NexRep is a revolution in the contact center industry by leveraging an exceptional US based at-home agent workforce. NexRep is proud to provide modern job opportunities in the face of a changing economy – transforming the call-center industry with the highest class of services.


NexRep Agent Values

NexRep is a company dedicated to our people, and we partner with a team of agents who outshine the competition. Our agents are:

  • Empathetic
  • Authentic
  • Relatable
  • Reliable

What is invaluable to the work we do for our clients is our ability to fill our workforce with people who have these innate skills. This kind of workforce allows us to provide the highest level of customer care. When customers call and speak with our agents, they come away from the experience feeling understood, cared for, and confident in the brand our agents represent.

What’s unique about our agents is that they work out of their homes. Traditionally, call centers are located in areas where the staff tends to be transient and inconsistent. Recruiting and maintaining good agents in call centers is difficult and can leave clients with divested, unhappy people responding to their customer’s needs. With our at-home model, we are not limited by geography. As a result, NexRep agents are higher educated, more committed, and happier with their work situation than the standard call center agent. As an example, a large portion of our agents are former career-women who’ve switched gears to become parents and want the flexibilty a career with us provides. We provide an opportunity for them, and for all of our agents to mold their schedules to what works best for them, in their own homes while they provide our clients with the best customer service in the industry. There have been studies performed on the best formula for good customer service and based on these studies, the number one criteria for an agent to provide good customer service is that agent’s level of satisfaction in their work situation. We have the corner on that market.

Our clients are looking for us to provide customer care that is unparalleled in the industry. They expect the quality of their product and the quality of their service to be synonymous. We have the formula to satisfy their needs.